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Shiva is a recurring summon, one of several acquirable aeons in Spira.

Yocun's Story

Yocun received Shiva as her first aeon after competing the cloister of trials at the temple in Lake Macalania. After dealing with her foster sister Gillespie, Yocun demonstrated for the crowd at Macalania the power of her aeon. She summoned Shiva, who was dressed in armor much like that of the Crusaders, and ordered her to retrieve Silva's spear from the side of the temple wall, which had been there since the night before. After this Shiva was dismissed, and when the summoner party was attacked by Maldus, Yocun was unable to summon Shiva, as she could no longer feel the fayth with her.

Later, while inside the Macalania Woods, the group encountered a sinspawn that attacked from afar using its vines. After following the vines back to its source, Yocun summoned Shiva to keep the sinspawn busy while Barton tried to heal Silva from the sinspawn's poison. Finally, Shiva was able to uproot it, and was dismissed so Gillespie could finish it off.


Shiva is the aeon of ice, giving her a basic control over her element, but as she partly influenced by Yocun, Shiva is as skilled as her summoner is in the art of swordplay. As with all aeons, she is immune to most status effects.