Shiki Seishi

AKA Frozen Flame
Kana 生死四季
Age 19
Date of Birth 19th June
Gender Female
Height 5"5
Birthplace Wutai
Weapon Katana - Hyoketsu Senkai
Limit break Unknown
Family Yoshiko Seishi. Ichirou Seishi.

Shiki Seishi (生死四季, Seishi Shiki) is a member of Shinra, an accomplished medic, who at one point applied for the SOLDIER program but was denied because of her gender. Shiki was born in Wutai, with both her parents having been born there themselves, despite the fact that they are actually only half-wutanian.

Shiki is a close friend of Genesis Rhapsodos, unknown to both Sephiroth and Angeal. She is known for her refined medical skills and usage of non-materia spells, it is unknown thus far if she is that accomplished in other areas. 


Shiki has long hair of a deep crimson color (which is usually bound in a ponytail when on duty) a pair of dark blue eyes and a pale skin tone. She completely disregards the ShinRa dress-code; she usually wears black shorts, a black shirt, black and red lined bell-sleeves and a pair of black fingerless gloves.

Very occasionally does Shiki ever dress formally, though she does own a closet full of kimonos/dresses.


Shiki is a warm, kind-hearted person who will offer help to anyone who needs it. Unless she's pissed off. When, in one of the rare occasions, she gets angry, Shiki is known for destroying things. However, that being said, it still doesn't happen often. Shiki's got a good sense of humor and knows when to laugh, or just roll her eyes. She sometime uses sarcasm, but prefers witty one-liners.