Ryukai Tokihawaii
A.K.A. Ryukai No Tetsuga(Ryukai of the Iron Fang)
Japanese Name リュ改 ハワイ土岐
Romaji Tokihawaii Ryukai
Weapon Sword
Birthplace Unknown
Date of Birth May,23 1984
Age 25
Height 6'1
Blood Type Unknown
Japanese Voice Actor None
English Voice Actor None
Final Fantasy VII Character

"The wind of fate is changing."

Ryukai is a ex-SOLDIER.


Ryukai has long silver hair, white dress pants with a brown tie on it. White dress shoes. A gray vest, with no shirt, and two black wings.


Little is known about Ryukai's past, the only thing that is known about him is that he was a member of SOLDIER and that he was very close to Sephiroth and Zack.


Ryukai was one of the most powerful SOLDIERs (beside Zack and Sephiroth). He has his own sword, named Tetsuga (哲ジョージア Steel Fang).
He was called 'one of the best swordsman alive'. He's very profound in hand-to-hand and a fairly good magic user. He was one of the few SOLDIERs that could best Sephiroth, though he never managed to beat him.


Ryukai is a very calm, callous figure. He is logical and strategic, able to come up with a strategy under any kind of pressure. He also has a lighter side, such as pulling pranks. Ryukai is a well liked person and very trust worthy.