The following is a list of quotes related to Gillespie (chapter).

  • Silva: All I have to do is impale the side of the temple with my spear, correct?
  • Yocun: Yeah, but you don't have to say it like that. It sounds so sacrilegious, like we're coming in through the window to rob them or something.

  • Zolono: Lady Yocun, Gillespie is fourteen years old. She will be fifteen very soon and if she wishes to become a respected member of the Yevon clergy, then she must begin studying for it.
  • Gillespie: Hello? How many times do I have to tell you that I don't want to be a priestess? I'd rather do something cool with the rest of my life. Fighting fiends! Playing blitzball! Mastering black magic!
  • Zolono: I will not hear of such things, and for the last time Gillespie, black magic is not against the teaching of Yevon. Arcane magic is. You would know that if you spent any time studying, which you should be doing now. You promised.
  • Gillespie: And that's why we're arguing!
  • Yocun: Your arguments have gotten a little bit more violent since I was last here.

  • Barton: Gillespie, right?
  • Gillespie: Hey, I know you. You're that dummy with the funny-looking stubble.
  • Barton: My beard doesn't grow in evenly and I didn't have a chance to shave that day! Am I ever going to live that one down?
  • Gillespie: Nope.

  • Zolono: They're not done yet. Gillespie made a mess of my temple. Someone needs to clean it up.
  • Silva: And why does that someone have to be us?
  • Zolono: Because this is Gillespie's responsibility, but she won't do it because Yocun always relives her of that responsibility. Then, it becomes Lady Yocun's responsibility. But, seeing as Lady Yocun is preoccupied with other matters, her duties are logically transferred to her guardians. Mops are in the closet to your right. I'd get started if I were you.