The following is a list of quotes related to Apprentice.

  • Barton: That fayth doesn't exist. It's a myth and like all myths before it, it's not actually true. People have gone down there and found nothing.
  • Yocun: They haven't searched it well enough.
  • Barton: When people try to do that, they don't come back.
  • Yocun: I don't always follow tradition.

  • Yocun: It's hiding. There are too many people here. Sinspawns seem to be getting smarter these days. It's going to wait until the party dissipates. It can't attack anyone while they're all grouped together like this.
  • Silva: We need bait, then.
  • Yocun: Barton! Barton, I need you to do a favor for me.

  • Maldus: The Lady Yocun and her guardians noticed the creature and did not find it necessary to inform the rest of us. I suppose the Lady Summoner thinks she and her guardians can handle the situation on their own. Maybe we should allow them to do so.
  • Maester Dammen: This is not the time to test the summoner's strength, Maldus.
  • Maldus: Perhaps this is the best time.
  • Yocun: I accept Sir Maldus' challenge.
  • Maldus: This it is settled. If things are to get out of hand, then I will have a regimen at the ready to come in and save you, should you need it.
  • Yocun: I will not, but thank you.

  • Maldus: You ran into battle unprepared. You're at a stalemate and can not figure out any way to pull yourself out. It's quite a conundrum, really.
  • Yocun: I will figure this out.
  • Maldus: Figure it out quickly. That Sinspawn will not remain idle for long. I will have my men mobile within the next minute. It is better for you to lose your dignity than your life, right? Well, I suppose that one is debatable.

  • Maldus: You did well, but you acted irrationally. Your pilgrimage will be cut short if you continued to battle like you did now.
  • Yocun: The sinspawn has been defeated. I see no problem in what I did.
  • Maldus: Your actions are a surefire was to get to the Farplane, and fast.
  • Barton: Oh come on. You're just jealous that you didn't get to send your troops in to defeat the creature. You're just mad that we're so good that we did it ourselves.

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