Oerba Van Zylen is the name of a male youth from the ancient city of Oerba, located on the lower-planet of Gran Pulse. He is a stubborn teenager, with seemingly little forethought and a tendency to run his mouth. His full name stands for "Zylen of the Van clan, from the city of Oerba". Driven by his need to surpass his father, Zylen has made it his mission to step out of his father's shadow.

Appearance and Personality

Zylen is lithe, fit young man. At the age of seventeen, Zylen has been training since he was eight to partake in the ritual hunts of Oerba, to become one of their main hunters. He has fairly tanned skin, blond hair, and a single ear pierced with a simple stud. Zylen usually wears a pair of lengthy shorts, a thin shirt and a pair of brown sandals. Hooked in his belt is not only two fur pelts, but also a pair of knives. Zylen has been extensively trained in the usage of his knives, which are longer than a regular knife, but shorter than a small sword.