Morgause is Queen of Gaust and mother of Mordred.


She has low-cut black hair and greyish eyes, similar to her son's. She often wears red, as it is her favourite colour.


When young, Morgause was often looking for a suitable man. When meeting Arthur for the first time, she believes he is the one she is looking for and flirts with him before he is pulled away by Merlin. When she grew older, she remembered Arthur and, despite him being already married, seduced him. It was only after he had bannished her that she had learned Arthur was her half-brother all along. Regardless, she gave birth to his child out of pity for the existance of him and as a scornful gesture to Arthur. After this, she has little to do with her son and allows her sister to toy with him in whatever way she pleases. Whenever he is in her presence, she acts cold and demeanoring toward him.