Morgan La Fey

Morgan La Fey is a powerful Witch and sister to Morgause, making Arthur her half-brother and Mordred her nephew.


She has black hair that is kept up by cords and trimmed bangs and strands framing her face. She has hot-pink eyes, the left of which glows due to being the Eye of Graii used by the Sisters of Fate.


Manipulative and sadistic, Morgan has three passions in life: Manipulating others for her own benefit, inflicting pain on others for her own amusement, and practicing dark magic, mainly Witch-sorcery though recently she has taken up the art of voodoo, as seen by Mordred's visit to her. She sees Mordred as her own toy, and fills his mind with thoughts of Arthur committing atrocities against Mordred to fuel his anger against her. She even goes to the extent of both whipping and sexually-assaulting Mordred, stating that her "desires run deep".

She seems to have a mild relationship with her sister, though Morgause is not as keen to visits from her sister. Morgan has a strange view of Arthur. She wishes to use Mordred as a way of killing him so she can gain the throne. However, she has hinted at the notion of lusting after him, seen by how she tells Morgause how envious she is to have had slept with Arthur. She also has stolen the Eye of Graii from the Sisters of Fate, and is very proud of this accomplishment as she can now see the past and future of a person just by looking at them with the eye.