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Maldus is a recurring character in Yocun's Story, Maester Dammen's adviser with a dark secret and a mysterious past.

Yocun's Story

On the first day of Yocun's pilgrimage, just as she was about to set off on her journey, she and her guardians Barton and Silva decided to take care of a sinspawn in the area. The Crusaders were prepared to back her and her guardians up but Maldus, one of Maester Dammen's advisers, insulted that Yocun had not pointed the sinspawn out to the Crusaders when she first spotted it, told the Crusaders to stand down and allow the apprentice summoner to handle it.

Yocun accepted the challenge and, with difficulty, managed to take down the sinspawn despite Maldus' constant criticisms. Maldus was the only one not to congratulate her and her guardians for their victory, instead giving them stern warning not to act so irrationally in the future. Once out of his earshot, Yocun badmouthed Maldus, wondering how he could have gotten such an important position in Bevelle without her even having heard of him before.

The summoner party encountered Maldus again on their way out of Lake Macalania. This time, Maldus didn't speak, and after a terse, silent stand-off stand lasted several minutes, Maldus fashioned a sword made out of ice that Gillespie noted was created through some fashion other than black magic and began to attack the group. Barton managed to keep NulFrost on either Silva or Yocun, and Yocun found that the fayth was absent in Maldus' presence and she could not summon Shiva. After a few more minutes, Maldus created a box of ice around himself and was no longer inside it when Gillespie melted it.

A merchant named O'aka XX witnessed the entire fight and made a deal with Yocun to travel to Bevelle and tell everything that he saw to Maester Dammen and report back to Yocun in Guadosalam.


Maldus has shown the ability to manifest weapons of elements through no magic that the party's black mage Gillespie is familiar with. He is shown to be immune to fatigue while fighting.