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Macalania Woods is a location in Spira, located just outside of Lake Macalania and before the Thunder Plains.

Yocun's Story

Yocun's party made their first excursion through the woods after the procession in the Calm Lands by the Crusaders. Barton did not notice that throughout most of the journey through the woods, several Crusaders were following them just to keep an eye out for them. The travel was mostly leisurely, since the Crusader presence left the area mostly free of fiends.

The group returned to the woods after receiving Shiva at the temple in Lake Macalania, as well as a new guardian Gillespie and a temporary guest O'aka XX. This time there was no Crusader assistance and when Silva accidentally insulted Gillespie, she ran off only to encounter a the vines of a sinspawn. Yocun saved Gillespie, and the group resolved to kill it before leaving. Gillespie offered to be the bait.

O'aka led them to a good location to lay in wait, but the plan they concocted failed and although Gillespie was able to eliminate one of the vines, the other took Silva back to it's main body. The group followed it back and Yocun summoned Shiva to take care of the sinspawn while Barton tried and failed to cast an esuna spell to heal Silva from the creature's poison. Barton reluctantly accepted his failure and used an antidote from O'aka to cure Silva while Gillespie finished off the sinspawn.

The group traveled silently through the remained of the woods. As planned, O'aka left the party to go to Bevelle to speak to Dammen while the other continued on to the Thunder Plains.