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Kiltia is a recurring character in Yocun's Story, a troop commander in the Chocobo Knights chosen to temporarily replace Silva as captain of the knights while she serves as guardian to Lady Yocun.

Before Yocun's Story

Kiltia, as troop commander, was not generally liked by Silva as a leader and when Silva was asked to become guardian to Yocun, Silva purposefully decided not to nominate Kiltia for the position of Interim Captain until her return. Regardless, Maester Dammen and Maldus invited her to Bevelle and promoted her to Captain without Silva's approval and immediately sent her on a treasure hunt in the Thunder Plains as her first official mission.

Yocun's Story

When Yocun and her party reached the Thunder Plains, Kiltia was unexpectedly waiting for the group at the Crusader post at its center. Due to her rich girl personality and jarring voice, Gillespie and Barton turned in early for the night while Silva remained to speak with her. In the morning, Yocun was informed by the Crusader on duty that Silva left with Kiltia the previous night and that she would meet the group in Guadosalam later that night.