Final Fantasy X: Eternal Fate is a fan-made manga that takes place after the defeat of Sin and Yu Yevon and Vegnagun. In this story, Tidus is trying to find his way back to Zanarkand but sees a strange fayth in the form of a young girl, Kai. Kai warns him by saying that Yuna is chased by Interlopers, summoned by Seymour Guado and will suffer the same fate. After showing up, Yuna clings on to Tidus, telling him that they need to run away, but is hurt by the interlopers. Will Tidus and Kai take Yuna to a safe place and warn the others before it's too late? Find out in this story!









Kimahri Ronso


Seymour Guado



Chapter 1:The two targets of Sun and Moon: Tidus, the star player of Zanarkand Abes, is seen trying to find his way back to Zanarkand, but a strange fayth, named Kai appears warning him, that he is in danger along with her. After being warned, Tidus sees a strange flower and Yuna waking up from the inside and in front of him while hiding from the interlopers. Yuna clings on to Tidus and speaks out," the interlopers, they're after us. We need to--", but is knocked out by the mastermind behind the interlopers, an evil guado name Seymour.Kai reappears telling Tidus to take Yuna and run before it's too late.

Chapter 2: Hiding in the Airship: After getting a lift by Cid, Tidus asks Kai by telling her in order to know why are the interlopers are after them, but the fayth says that she'll explain later. From now they will have to rest so they can head to Besaid tomorrow to warn the other guardians.

Chapter 3:The Reunion of Guardians: After arriving in Besaid, Tidus and Yuna are greeted by Rikku, Wakka, and the Besaid Aurochs. After coming inside the village, Kai introduces herself to the other guardians.

Chapter 4: Trouble on the outskirts of Besaid

Chapter 5: Tidus and Yuna's Love

other chapters will be posted soon.