Final Fantasy 'The End' is set in Zarlzbou

A young warrior Hano is sent to a mysterious ruin within the glacier mountains, inside the ruin stood a statue of sephiroth, encased in ice, when Hano touches it the ice shatters and

sephiroth came out, Hano fights sephiroth but is easily defeated, he returns to the capital Masdren and is banished from it, as he leaves he removes his armour and

drops it into the sea of purity, as he does a angel appeares and tells Hano to return or Zarlzbout will be destroyed, but when he returns the city is destroyed, and

sephiroth was standing in the ruins, Hano runs to Oaklore forest and befriends a summoner named Rossa, they search for the elves of lore and a young elf Giug

joins them, they warn the elves and they set off to the drenched ruin of Sertder, the forces of sephiroth ambush them and Hano gets injured, he is sent with Giug

and Rossa to Uiwer town, they join forces with a centuar named Opus and Rossa and Hano fall in love, ultimately, when they return to the destroyed capital

they kill sephiroth but Hano and Rossa sacrifice themselves to do so.