Fandaniel, the Protector
Title Fandaniel, the Protector, Fandaniel of the North
Age 17
Height 5,9
Weight 127lbs
Weapon The Dalton
Summon Hashmal
Laterality Right
Home Orissita
Elemental Color Black-Red
Primary Role Guardian of Truth
Allies The Zodiak
Family Unknown, Orthesburg Family
Fandaniel of Love
" Not for you, not for me, but for us."
—Fandaniel, the Protector

Daniel Fan Orthesburg, also known as Fandaniel, the Protector, is the youngest and third member of the Formal order of the Zodiak Knights of the Holy Dark Empire. Fandaniel was the only member of the Zodiak Knights not orphaned by circumstance and willingly joined the Zodiak Knights when his family was petitioned by the Holy Empire, where he would then be guard over the North. Fandaniel believed by joining the order he would bring great respect and notoriety to his family. However Fandaniel's dreams were never realized when he and his fellow knights were assigned to kill the Reaver King once and for all. In a tragic twist of fate Fandaniel and the Zodiak Knights were killed when his long time friend Emmerololth, the Sinless betrayed the knights. Fandaniel suffered a particularly cruel fate when Emmeroloth personally killed Fandaniel, not only betraying his fellow Knights but his best friend.



Fandaniel at age 16

Fandaniel is a short lean and incredibly cute/handsome young teenager. As he is still just a teenager his look have yet to fully set and he still retains many child like features. Such as his pouty lips, large cheeks, large eyes and long eyelashes. Despite his young age and small stature he is still regarded as being extremely attractive, wither it be by his short chestnut colored hair, or large hazel eyes people are still taken by his unspoiled beauty. He is also remarkably fit and trains incredibly hard to keep up physically to his older counterparts.


Fandaniel is a remarkably strong, hot-blooded and confident young man. His resolve is outstanding for someone his age, as such he is constantly throwing himself into the lead and disregarding orders to fall back. Loghrif had warned Fandaniel several times that his zeal and bravado for danger was harmful but the warnings always fell on deaf ears. Spurred by his ambition his charismatic charm eventually drew in Emmerololth, the Sinless, who became his closest friend. and Despite their age difference Fandaniel always played the adult role in their relationship.

Normal 05

Fandaniel, the Burning

However his outer behavior belayed a very insecure teenage boy who only wanted to prove himself. Having joined the Zodiak to show his worth he always felt inferior to his fellow knights who displayed effortless strength in battle, he loved, envied and hated them all at the same time. But his deepest wish was not only to be admired by them but to be acknowledged by them, to gain respect where he so longed for it. So Fandaniel trained harder then any knight before them in hopes of becoming something worth admiration, something worth respect, something worth love.

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