Emperor Adduneihu
Title The lord Holy Father, Emperor of the Holy Dark Empire of Orristia. Adduneihu Dalanka Orphanium Adduneihu Argeno
Age 378 (in orristian) over 100,000 as a god
Height 6,2
Weight 185lbs
Weapon Holy Star
Ultimate Weapon Sacrifice
Summon Lindblum
Laterality Right
Home Baharuga, Orristia
Elemental Color Black
Primary Role Dark Sire
Special Ability Holy Darkjia
Allies The Baharuga Empire
Holy Emperor

Emperor Adduneihu Dalanka Orphanium Adduneihu Argeno. Is the current Emperor of the Holy Dark Empire of Orissita and former Emperor of Heaven as well as the former God Of Darkness.

"Have Faith."


Adduneihu when first coming to the earth found his form to beautiful for mere mortals to look upon, so to live properly as a human like figure Adduneihu stripped his vanity to the core, his current appearance is the result of such.

Adduneihu has long luxurious black hair which reaches to his waist and deep black eyes with soft features. Adduneihu most noticeable feature is his three crystalline wings which are exclusively on the right side of his back, they shine with beautiful blue and white light and the ends slowly fade into black, representing his affinitive power. His crystal skin encompasses his chest, arms and lower neck, where dark skin makes up his face. The lower half of his body is hidden by illustrious black and ice blue robes which connect to his three wings.


Originally during the forge of creation the lord of heaven created two beings who would watch over the kingdom of heaven and all souls who would reside there. One of those two beings was Adduneihu, who was known as Emperor of Heaven and God of Darkness. During his time as Emperor of Heaven he guarded the souls inside the kingdom of heaven, while his brother, the King of heaven guarded the gates of paradise. He nurtured the souls of the dead until their fears and lies had melted away and allowed them to rest peacefully in the Eternal Garden of Heaven.


Adduneihu as the Emperor of Heaven.

However chaos came to the realm of heaven during the War of Symmetry. Where in the demons of hell escaped their confines and sought to use the planet as a means for salvation. This began a war between the damn and divine which threatened to tear the world apart. Eventually Adduneihu was forced to leave the Eternal Garden and descend to the planet to fight. However his intervention became unnecessary when he caught sight of a young Orristian male known as Vann Argeno who led his army and managed to push back many of the demon forces invading his country. This along with Van's kind heart and pure soul attracted the god and Adduneihu wished to be with Van. After the War of Symmetry Adduneihu pleaded with the Lord of Heaven to be allowed to be with Van.

However the Lord of Heaven forbid Adduneihu from traversing the mortal plane in times of peace but offered Adduneihu an single chance. In order to be with Van in the mortal plain, Adduneihu would have to give up his godhood and seal away his powers. However the Lord of Heaven warned that if Adduneihu was ever forced to use his powers of god, he would be forced to return to heaven and never be allowed to return to the human world again.