The Celestial Holy Empire of Ivalice is the Central Governing Supercontinential Island within the mystic yet futuristic land of the 4 Crystals.

General Overview

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General Geographic Overview of Ivalice.

The Imperial Island of Ivalice is a region consisting of three continents; Ordalia in the west, Valendia in the northeast and Kerwon in the south. However, only the lands bordering the Naldoan Sea are explored. Other Ivalician lands (the former Republic of Landis, etc.) are sometimes mentioned in school textbooks but have not been explored yet. In ancient times, King Raithwall united the three continents to create the united Federation of Galtea. As time passed, conflicts had split the continents again.

Governmental Division

The continents are dominated by an assortment of Superindustrialized city-states; the 2 main powers of Ivalice are the Celestial Holy Empire of Ivalice itself (Central Goverment), The Archadian Federation and the kingdom of Nabradia all of which are located in the central Continent of Valendia, the Rozarrian Empire in Ordalia, and sandwiched between the two continents is the kingdom of Dalmasca. Strategically located between the rival neighboring states of Imperial Ivaliceia (Central Capital City-State) and Rozarria, Dalmasca's position as a neutral buffer region between the two countries is eliminated when it is invaded by Archadia. Now reduced to an occupied territory under Archadian rule, Dalmasca is set to play a central role in the still-heated dispute between its neighbors which is escalating once more.

Indipendent Territories

Also located within Ivalice are several advanced City-States all of which are each run by a major Super-Corp within the main Military/Industrial Complex of all Ivalice's Infrastructure in which they are allowed to live outside of Ivalice's main sphere of monarchistic control. These lands are Phoenixia a Super Metropolis fully operated and owned by the powerful Phenixion Corporation main Imperial Defense Contractor,

Rule by Ancient Right

The Holy Celestial Empress as well as most of the Imperial Court believe that their absolute rule comes from the main fact that all Imperial Royalty decends from a direct bloodline to King Raithwall himself.