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The Calm Lands are a plains area at the north end of Spira, named so after the battle between Sin and Gandof which created a large rift in the land.

Yocun's Story

Yocun began her journey training at the north end of the land, training outside of the cavern known as the Sunken Cave. She and her guardian Barton arrived at its center to an awaiting procession of Crusaders, ready to see her off, including Maester Dammen and his adviser Maldus. A sinspawn attacked while the group was in the Lands, and due to Maldus' intrusion Yocun and her guardians Barton and Silva were left to fight it alone.

After a quick, but tumultuous battle, the summoner party was victorious, and received a standing ovation from everyone except Maldus. Yocun decided it was best to move on to Lake Macalania before they lost anymore daytime, and so they left the Calm Lands.