Location Central Orissita, Center of Lake Fasha

Founding May 30th
999 B.M
Population Over 900,000

The Central Holy City of St.Baharuga is the central capital city of the Holy Dark Empire of Orissita. And the center of all power for the holy empire. Its founding dates almost a thousand years before the discovery of magic making it one of the oldest thriving cities today.

The city is over ten miles wide and sits atop the largest lake in the world Lake Fasha. Its gigantic size and breath taking agriculture make it the perfect city in which to rule the empire from. The city is named for the first Emperor and ruler of the Dark Temples, St. Baharuga and lake Fasha for his head priestess and wife, Madam Fasha.

“One would be smart to avoid the glorious city of Baharuga.”


The city is also known as the Heart of Orissita for its large red buildings and basic red scheme. The tall temple like buildings line the streets with the main temples and grand palace standing in the clouds, looming over the rest of the city. Baharuga is broken up into sections with the base belonging to only the most basic of citizens, the second level is reserved for the upper-class, including lower level priests and rich or noble citizens. The final level houses only the Royal Palace of Madam Fasha and the illustrious Temple of St. Baharuga. The temple sits atop the Palace and acts as its roof and shield. It extends out in a sword like position and connects to many smaller temples adorned on its mighty platform. The Royal palace sits below and houses the Royal family. It is constantly surrounded by the Holy Dark Guard which will kill any intruder to the temple or palace. It is clear that the cities design was to separate the classes of humanity between the poverty and the gentry, nobility, clergy and royalty.