Adriel Iuvonia (Incomplete)
A.K.A. Avonej
Japanese Name {{{kana}}}
Romaji {{{romaji}}}
Weapon Rune Blade
Birthplace Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown, it's assumed it's after the ordeals of Final Fantasy VII since Geostigma didn't exist til afterwards
Age Appears to be around the age of 20
Height 175cm / 5'9"
Blood Type O-
Japanese Voice Actor N/A
English Voice Actor N/A
Final Fantasy VII Character

Adriel Iuvonia is a scientist that works for the Shinra Electric Power Company who gained control over the "Jenova Project" as it's lead scientist over Prof. Hojo.


Adriel was born with an odd generic structure, this is most likely due to his birth mother contracting Geostigma while being pregnant with him. Upon being born, Adriel's genes appeared to be affected by the disease, but unlike any other, his body accepted Jenova's cells allowing them to fuse with his body giving him similar powers as; "Angeal Hewley", "Genesis Rhapsodos" and "Sephiroth".


Adriel wears a long white scientist's cloak with white-silver hair in a messy fashion. He also carries a holster for his Rune Blade which he wears sideways, rather in a normal fashion, but only when he is out in the line of battle. In his lab, he has his weapon set aside next to his desk for easy access.

Weapon(s) & Abilities

Adriel appears to wield "Rune" weapons and as such, heavily relies on using Magic in combat. His Swordplay is considered above average and unrivaled to Humans. He currently wields the Rune Blade, which is similar to the size of the Buster Sword, and like Cloud, can swing it fast and strongly, unhindered by it's impressive size.

Adriel is also one of the few, if not the only one, who can use Magic in the ''Final Fantasy VII'' universe without the need of Materia. Since he absorbed Jenova's cells, he developed the ability to absorb the skills and magic of his enemies, similar to how a Blue Mage obtains their abilities, but is not restricted to just obtaining them from monsters and can learn Weapon Skills through sight alone. He can also learn anything that hits him, his ability appears to be a more advanced form of the Enemy Skill Materia.